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Nestled in the vibrant coastal city of Jacksonville, Florida, Flutter Kicks infuses Southern charm into the art of swimming. Our roots in Tennessee have taught us the warmth of Southern hospitality, and we bring that same friendly and welcoming atmosphere to our new home in Jacksonville.

Here, where the sun always shines and beaches abound, swimming is more than just an activity – it’s a lifestyle. Our swim lessons offer a blend of fun, fitness, and fundamental skills, making them the perfect choice for Jacksonville’s families who appreciate both our Southern charm and the city’s love for aquatic adventures.

Fun-Filled Intensive Private Swim Lessons: Propel Your Child’s Skills in a Single Week!

Experience the power of personalized instruction with our Fun-Filled Intensive Private Swim Lessons. Over the course of five successive lessons in a week, your child will work closely with a dedicated Flutter Kicks instructor.

Each 30-minute session is meticulously designed to develop age-appropriate water skills while fostering a trusting bond between the child and the instructor. This environment is perfect for rapid progress, promising a significant leap in swimming proficiency within a week – all while keeping the fun in the forefront!

Semi-Private Swim Lessons

Share the Swimming Fun with Loved Ones!

Are you seeking a collective swimming journey? Our Semi-Private Swim Lessons are the perfect solution. Scheduled as five back-to-back lessons over one week, these half-hour classes are perfect for siblings or friends of comparable age and skill level. With a maximum of two children per session, your young ones will relish the experience of learning and progressing together, turning swim lessons into an exciting and unforgettable venture!

Unique underwater Photoshoot opportunity

Capture the Wonder of Your Child’s Swimming Progress

Delve into the magic of your child’s swim lessons with our Unique Underwater video Opportunity. Witness their underwater adventures as we capture moments of pure joy and achievement. These exclusive keepsakes will remain as precious tokens of their swimming journey. Share the thrill and joy with your family and friends, and cherish these remarkable memories.

Basic Water Safety & Survival Training

Equipping Children for a Future of Safe Swimming

At Flutter Kicks, we firmly believe in the foundational importance of water safety. Our comprehensive swim classes aren’t just about perfecting strokes and techniques – they also emphasize fundamental water safety and survival training. Your child will learn the basics of water rescue methods, how to identify and handle water hazards, and the key principles of self-rescue.

Our Basic Water Safety and Survival Training instills in your child the confidence and understanding necessary for making smart decisions around water. This ensures a secure and joyful swimming experience that will last them a lifetime.

Convenient Scheduling Adjusted to Your Lifestyle

Swim Lessons Designed to Suit Your Schedule

Recognizing the fast-paced lifestyle of modern families in Jacksonville, we offer convenient and flexible scheduling options to suit your bustling schedule. Whether you favor early morning or evening lessons, our mission is to ensure that every child has the opportunity to benefit from our swim lessons in a manner that seamlessly fits into your family’s routine. Experience the ease and stress-free process of swimming lessons with Flutter Kicks.

Hear it From Our Happy Families

A Treasure Forever

“Without a doubt, Flutter Kicks is the premier destination for swim lessons in Jacksonville. My daughter enjoyed every moment, and we’ll forever cherish the incredible underwater photos!”

Lisa M. | Jacksonville, FL

From Fear to Fun

“My twins initially were apprehensive about learning to swim. However, the caring and supportive team at Flutter Kicks put them at ease. Now, they eagerly look forward to their upcoming lessons!”

James H. | Local Father

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