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Welcome to the midlands of South Carolina, where water sports of all kinds are not only enjoyed but a part of life in this ‘Famously Hot’ part of the state!

At Flutter Kicks, we understand the importance of swimming skills in this area, where lakes, rivers, and pools abound. Schedule lessons today with our team of coaches – providing your little ones with top-notch swim lessons that will leave them confident, capable, and safe in any aquatic environment.

Discover Our Comprehensive Swim Lesson Services

At Flutter Kicks, we offer a range of tailored swim lesson programs designed to meet the unique needs and abilities of children of all ages and skill levels. Our highly trained and certified instructors are passionate about teaching swimming and provide a safe, nurturing environment for your child to thrive.

Private Swim Lessons

Accelerate Your Child’s Progress in Just One Week!

Experience the power of personalized instruction with our Private Swim Lessons. Delivered as five consecutive lessons over one week, our dedicated Flutter Kicks Instructor works closely with your child to develop age-appropriate water skills. In just 30 minutes per lesson, your child will build trust with their instructor, creating the perfect environment for rapid progress and a week of swimming success!

Collaborative Semi-Private Swim Lessons

Dive into Fun with Siblings or Friends!

Looking for a shared swimming experience? Our Collaborative Semi-Private Swim Lessons are the answer. Scheduled as five consecutive lessons over one week, these 30-minute sessions are ideal for siblings or friends of similar age and skill level. With a maximum of two children per class, your little ones will enjoy learning and growing together, making swimming lessons an exciting and memorable adventure!

Essential Water Safety and Survival Skills

Empowering Children for a Lifetime of Safe Swimming

At Flutter Kicks, we believe that water safety is paramount. Our comprehensive swim lessons go beyond strokes and techniques, emphasizing essential water safety and survival skills. Your child will learn vital water rescue procedures, self-rescue techniques and identify and navigate water hazards.

With our extensive water safety program, your child will gain the knowledge and confidence needed to make informed choices in and around water, ensuring a secure and pleasurable swimming experience for years to come.

Exclusive Underwater Photoshoot Experience

Capture the Magic of Your Child’s Swimming Journey

Immerse yourself in the excitement of your child’s swim lessons with an underwater video experience. Watch as their underwater escapades are beautifully captured, preserving moments of sheer delight and triumph. These distinctive keepsakes will serve as cherished mementos of their swimming adventure. Share the joy and excitement with your loved ones, and treasure these extraordinary memories forever.

Convenient and Flexible Scheduling

Swim Lessons Tailored to Your Busy Lifestyle

We understand the demands of modern family life in the Midlands. That’s why we offer convenient and flexible scheduling options to accommodate your busy schedule. Whether you prefer morning, mid-afternoon or even evening lessons, our goal is to ensure that every child can benefit from our exceptional swim lessons in a way that seamlessly integrates into your family routine. Enjoy the convenience and hassle-free experience of swimming lessons with Flutter Kicks.

Testimonials from Satisfied Parents in Columbia, SC

A Life-Changing Experience for Our Child

“Flutter Kicks has truly been a life-changing experience for our child. The progress they made in just one week of private swim lessons was astounding. The instructor’s personalized approach and attention to detail helped our child build confidence and develop essential swimming skills. We are so grateful for the positive impact Flutter Kicks has had on our child’s swimming journey!”

Jennifer M. | Lexington, SC

Fun and Growth in a Collaborative Environment

“Our two children had the most amazing time during their semi-private swim lessons with Flutter Kicks. Not only did they learn and improve their swimming abilities, but they also had a blast doing it together. The instructors created a fun and supportive environment that encouraged their collaboration and friendly competition. Watching their progress and seeing their smiles after each lesson was priceless. We highly recommend Flutter Kicks to any parents looking for a fantastic swimming experience for their children!”

Michael & Sarah R. | Colubmia, SC

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